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.tnt2: devilution.

it's in the detailutions

The perpetual sequel! This bad boy has been in development for so long that even the dinosaurs are unsure when it began. Semi-jokes aside, it's a quasi-official sequel to Team TNT's Evilution (the slightly-derpier half of Final Doom) that promises a plenty of 'splosions n' such.

As some folk in the Doom community know, TNT 2 suffered a schism that resulted into it being split into two projects: Devilution and Revilution. This page is about the former since I had more of a hand in finishing it up, but I've got a contribution for the other one coming up as well so there's more to see in TNT-land.



.ion flux.

if you break gauss' law, you go to gauss' jail

A bizarre underground experimental ion reactor complex thingy. Your objective here is simply to reach THE EXIT, but you'll have to navigate some tricky ledges and trappy bits in order to find your way around. OSHA will not be pleased.

As a trivial aside, this map may be a personal first because it uses no sky whatsoever. As a less-trivial one, Alfonzo kindly did the thing placement for it, since I happened to be in a (semi-perpetual) thingification rut whilst building it. Super-thanks!

There's more to the story behind the conception & existence of this map than meets the eye, but that's a long story for another time, I'm afraid...


.nostalgia drive.

the gel banana time travel machine

Originally conceived as a mix of Steel Works and Dead Zone, this monstrosity ended up taking a different turn entirely when the map's primary gimmick arose. The mysterious central structure buried in the mountains is a tough nut to crack, but there are a myriad of ways to actually get inside. Do you discover the hidden mechanism for opening a door, or do you break in through a window? Do you proceed to the core to filch the skeleton key, or do you sneak around the outer edges and skip the central puzzle? The choices are yours, and yours alone, as the great Olmec would say.

Mega huge insane credits to Alter for producing the first draft of gameplay on this map during a period of severe Xaserburnout. He basically saved it from the brink of destruction, so if you have any complaints about the final product... well, it's probably still my fault, but I'm going to pretend they're not and pass the blame along for extra bastard points. Evil laugh goes here!

As for the title? It's a steins;gate reference. If you got it, then megaprops to you, you clever bastard. If not, then you are contractually obligated to watch steins;gate after reading this sentence.



singles awareness club headquarters

Pseudo-collaboration map with Pottus. I redid a few bits and spruced up the visuals throughout, but it's primarily his baby.

The basic gist of this one (in its remixed form) is "creepy silence: the map" with a dash of "where the fark am I?" Surely an award-winning combination for those with mixed navigational skills. All hail Satan Building!



death by salad puns

TNT had an Egyptian-themed map called Pharaoh. This time, we're doing Rome. Classy.

This one's a somewhat Tomb Raider-inspired (for some odd reason) joint venture with Whoo featuring some snazzy custom texturework from Cage (and I guess some of my own self-hacking as well). It's nonlinear, has tons of exploratoriness (that's a word now), and features a few... unexplainable things. Best not to ask.

Oh, and for the record, all three keys are actually present, so it's actually possible to complete the map. Apologies to all die-hard TNT31 purists out there. You zany nuts.


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