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the game where you shoot things to make them die
it's hard for me to tell, but maybe this is hell

Everyone's favorite perpetual work in progress! Back to Saturn X is a multi-megawad epic vanilla-compatible adventure featuring a wholly original cast of textures, a massive lineup of mappers, and a healthy helping of blatant nepotism.

While I didn't do much to speak of for the first episode, I've contributed a bunch o' junk to the second and potentially-third ones...

.the xasermaps.


.tower in the fountain of sparks.

devoid of real monsterness

E2's hubmap. This little ruiny villa is a strange amalgam of stone and still-active technology that lies near the heart of the research complex on the far side of Saturn X. Though there's no opposition here, there are plenty of hints at the nefariousness to come as you unravel the area's secrets over multiple trips.

Heavily inspired by Marathon:Rubicon's Rozinante hub, this guy's an explore-y beast with a lot more real estate than E1's hub. Good for a breather or two, assuming one's into that sort of thing.


.wings of thorn.

they're not particularly aerodynamic

Collab with Brad Spencer. He provided the initial layout, and I detailed+thingplaced it. Though unintentionally so (as it didn't achieve final slot placement until late-ish), it ends up serving as the first introduction of E2's gothic/brick theme, with the obligatory bloodfalls to suit. Gameplaywise, it's short and sharp, with tons of baddies roaming around and not much room to escape. Let's hope you're on good terms with your SSG...

This is definitely one of the maps I'm most proud of in retrospect, as working with other folks' layouts is super-foreign to me yet it turned out much better than I'd ever imagined. 'Tis a fun little romp that (hopefully) does Spencer's layout a little bit of justice. Mega-kudos for that, sir!


.steeple of knives.

phenomenal cosmic ouchies

Strange nonlinear Arenamap where you get to choose the order in which your ass gets kicked. The idea was inspired by a room from RottKing's "Bite," which for some reason coerced my brain into contemplating an evil scheme in which more and more enemies are released for each switch you press. I went ahead and made it and then slapped spine textures all over it, because every map needs a solid backbone.

(Public disclaimer: If you're allergic to bad puns, don't read the previous sentence.)

I also wrote the music for this one myself. I'm somewhat consciously aware of the fact that if a modern producer were to remake it, it would probably turn into dubstep. I'm slightly uncomfortable with this.


.beneath a festering moon.

Doom - Lunch
the obligatory towermap

My first (yet grandest) BTSX submission, in which you mount a one-man assault against an evil monolithic tower for fun and profit... and also to halt the demon invasion, I guess.

As the E2 finale, it's designed as a somewhat-cinematic showcase (read: linear as hell) that takes the player into the depths of the iconic structure and beyond. As a fun behind-the-scenes fact, the tower is intended to be a power source / "terraforming" unit used to power the gateway to the evil hellworld and plant the seeds for a rather bleak tomorrow (hint: that's not lava you're seeing).

Another interesting thing to note is that the original version of the map was a quarter of the current surface area. The progression originally went straight from the top floor of the tower to the altar area (i.e. no descent into the inner chambers), but the vista from the start broke vanilla limits like crazy (it was trying to render the exit portal from the starting window... yuck). I had to split the map in two via adding a "televator," much to my initial dismay, but figured I'd take the opportunity to expand the centerpiece while I was at it. In retrospect, that was probably the best thing that ever happened to the map. I'm sorry for ever doubting you, Essel. D:

By the way, did I mention the map has a huge tower in it?

As a final bit of trivia, I also self-wrote the music for this one. I ended up saving the midi as "ANGRYSCIENCE.MID," which may have accidentally become a running gag and the inspiration for a certain domain name. I won't spoil which one.


.trap soul door.

this void sure is inky

Crazy intro map to BTSX's third episode, showcasing all sorts of nefarious thematic shifts such as black voids, purple voids, really pissed-off libraries, jumping puzzles, and zen blood gardens. It was created as a direct follow-up to Festering Moon and ended up as MAP01 of E3 once the project was split into three separate wads. An accidental honor, being allowed to kick off such an interesting, odd theme. Hopefully it does things a bit o' justice.

It's also worth pointing out that Jimmy accidentally made the best possible track for this map. The musicboxical intro is so friggin' creepy that it drives the point of the opening scene home from the zeroth second. Though mostly I mention this because he once tried to change the intro after the fact and I want to pretend to ridicule him for it but not really because we all love you, Jimmy.

Erm... right. The map. Uh... it has skyfloors. 'Nuff said.


.sordid forst.

the sord complexity is n*log(n)

Accidental "speedmap" I started, nearly finished, then put off for over a year because of the insanity of getting a certain scene to work right. Which I won't spoil.

At any rate, it's odd, it's templariffic, it's inexplicably Tomb-Raider inspired, and it does weird things at the end. Basically an idea I just had to get out, and it turned into a full map for some reason. Sure, it's not particularly combat heavy, but it's worth an adventure, right?

(Don't answer that.)

As for the name? Not telling. Not a sound. A million million life forms, and silence in the library.

These -are- our forsts.


.substitute heaven.

regular heaven called in sick today

This map has a sideways cityscape in it. That's really all you need to know.


it's what we do

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