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D2C (yeah... that was its official abbreviation) was going to be a massive Massmouth 2-style ZDoom conversion in which the exceptionally-well-named hero Xaser has to save the day from the nefarious Uniclops and stop his conquest to... uh... destroy all the chainsaws in the world. I'm serious.

The full list of goofiness that would've eventually gone into this wad is too numerous to discuss here in full, but some highlights include an MSPaint-erriffic villain, living chainsaws, spontaneous combustion as a plot device, and the infamous "free beer" trap. Alas, the plans for this were far too ambitious and really Not That Good(tm) except in the mind of the then-13-year-old who wrote out the plot.

The entire concept of the wad was based off a ridiculous (read: purposely stupid and bad) "comic" I wrote as a kid, which ironically was -far- better than the wad itself could have ever been. The Hindsight Glasses(also tm) indicate that the project may have had some worth had I stuck to the script and not gone all left-field trying to blatantly ripoff Massmouth's storytelling style. But again... 13-year-old Xaser. Good luck trying to wring any sense out of that dude.


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