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.zharkov series.

reality is but a mere stomach-grumble

You probably know who Zharkov is. If you find someone who doesn't, feel free to chuck a self-disembodied limb at their noggin.

While there's only one completed entry thus far, this may or may not serve as incidental proof that a fully-fledged Zharkov sequel is in the works. Egad!


.zharkov goes to the store.

What happens when an insane reality-bending kung-fu master is so plagued by hunger that he starts to hallucinate a demon invasion? It's probably best not to ask and just play this mod instead.

Zharky features 10-ish psychotic weapons ranging from missile walls to thrown fists to projectile rainers, an optional do-it-yourself soundtrack, and a sound bank of unparalleled insanity courtesy of leileilol (of former "CheapAlert" fame). Perfect for fans of chaos and random.


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