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Necrodoom is a mod about big guns. You're in a mech, you've got a sweet loadout that's basically taken straight from Necrodome (with plenty of behavioral edits, of course), and you can dismount the suit and blow it up remotely if you're feeling particularly destructive. All in a day's work.

Though I'm happy with the polish on this one, one partially-unfortunate thing about the mod that folks tend to get hung up on is that the player physics don't resemble anything mech-like, as I didn't want to muck with Doom's gameplay speed. Which is good for those of us who prefer that, mind you, but if Mechwarrior-esque physics are more your thing, you'd best look onward. Perhaps I should've gone with a "prototype exoskeleton" cliche instead, but I didn't have the sprites for that. C'est la whatever, I suppose.

The mod's basically done aside from a few additional cvars/tweaks I want to sneak in at some point. The never-on-idgames curse is pervasive.


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