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Sprite hackers come and go in the Doom community, but exceptionally-talented folks like Eriance (or 'Amuscaria' as he goes by these days) are a rarity. When he started posting up his last batch of resources for (the now ill-fated) Demon Eclipse, I got inspired to write some cool code for 'em. A few revisions and an author's blessing later, and bam! Eriguns.

Eriguns is technically two complete weapon mods in one, thanks to Demon Eclipse's former episode-ness. Here's the lowdown on each.

.the aforementioned lowdown.


de-ep1 weapons (dammit uac)

Mod Number One is a set of techy UAC shootyguns that feel right at home in Doom. In fact, one of the mod's two main flavours, Standard, is a 1:1 behavioral replica of Doom's weaponry for those who don't want to muck with the game balance but still want a change of aesthetics.

The second gamemode, Alternative, introduces a few changes (semi-auto pistol and single-barrel-fire SSG) along with a couple of new toys dropped by the boss enemies (which, as a note, will still drop in Standard but are unpickuppable). Recommended for those who don't mind deviating from the pure.

The only thing that's suspiciously missing here is a chainsaw, since Eri never did get around to spriting one in the latest artstyle. I may or may not rectify this at some point, because I'm clearly an exceptionally reliable person.


de-ep2 weapons (it's hell)

The more adventurous set; The Second Mod is a set of demonic weaponry that feel right at home in Hell. Nailguns, swords, spike launchers, soul blasters - you name it.

Eriguns2 is a bit more complex, introducing a Tome of Power-esque powerup and shifting the weapons' roles quite a bit (e.g. the SSG replacement is an explosive remote-mine spikegun). It may not be the most balanced set in the world, but it's hella fun -and- it supports Heretic and Hexen as well as Doom. Ultra-bonus!


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