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.turbocharged arcade.

vroom 2: hell is turbo!

Spawned from the deepest pits of insanity, this lightning-fast serial mapset is a conglomeration of short, quirky, and humorous maps featuring a variety of odd playstyles such as museum raids, convoluted mysteries, arkanoid ripoffs, and Matrix parodies. Though this psychotic realm offers promise of hilarity and fun, will Hitler and Satan's Anagram be kind enough to let you escape once you enter?

TcA is split into two separate episodes, the second being the end result of a collaboration between myself and the awesomely-crazy Jimmy. TcA's original episode was a semi-co-winner of the Mockaward in Doomworld's 13th Annual Cacowards, while the second managed to last-second swipe the Mockaward in the 17th Annual Cacowards in an interesting Christmas surprise.


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