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the game where you shoot things to make them die

.lost soulsphere.

its a faek

Their is a citey calld Nucklear City and ti got invaded by thingys from helll. Now that your a su-per m4rin3 d00d and best killling stufff person, you are send ot Nuclear city to kill the monsters in nuclear City. THe ivnasion is leaded bya big Spidermsatermind only instead of a broun brain it has a silvr one. Oh gn0! JJJJyou are sentt to the bilding er, i mean city in a telepoter but somethig si wrong. ARGH!!!!!!!!!BLORK!!! This is a teleporter adn you get stuck in it but you se SOUULSPHERRES! But there not real ARGH! THeir badguys need to dieN! UMUST Killzor TEM ALLL!

...That may have just been a copypasta from the project textfile, but at least I didn't fill the description with nothing but "COTTON GIN" twenty-seven times.


it's what we do

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