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Somewhat recently-ish, I've gotten into speedmapping. 'Tis a fun venture, even if it does result in exceptional amounts of quasi-panic.

Since my speedy stuff is spread across various compilations and not collected into a single package just yet, I'll link 'em all here for safekeeping and grievance-airing. Best of luck, potential speedplayers.



.freudian swamp.

sometimes a log is just a log

First speedmap ever, done in 100 minutes for TTV's good ol' 5in100 series. It's super-short, super-green, and has towers that use donut specials. What more could you ask for? Aside from actual donuts to go along with those specials, of course...

Big thanks to Jimmy for the totally-original music track. It's actually a remake of Daikatana's first ingame music track, of all things, and still needs to be used for a certain sneaky project.


.professor jatsand's
spayss sittey beatdown.

we goin to spayss, son

My bastard cheater entry. Churned this one out for a "Teleporters"-themed TTV (or is it Doom Radio now?) speedmapping session in which I cocked it up and submitted an unfinished, nearly-broken map. The version you see here is my semi-shamefully post-edited version, since I did like the idea I was going for and turned into a sad Xaser when I couldn't finish it.

As for the map itself, it's a smorgasbord of spatial insanity, which is funny because "spatial" sounds like "space" and... yeah, I'm just gonna stop there. Just don't get lost in 4D space and be sure to enjoy the token FIREBLU instance.


.kick your own ass.

show yourself who's boss

Fantastical floating necropolis of shoot-yourself-in-the-foot-ness. The theme this time was "Rockets", and I'm actually rather proud of how the gameplay came out on this once, since it's rather unique in its "you are your own worst enemy" approach. Not too bad for an hour and a half, I suppose.

Mecha-thanks to Eriance for the awesome catacomb-y textures and Tarnsman and/or Essel for the palette. Can't remember who did what off-hand because my brain is a death.


.uac corporate hindquarters.

home of the butt-ugly martians

Quicky STARTAN city thing done for a Battle of the Bits OHC, complete with platform jumping and an overkill cyberdemon. Can't remember what the theme was, other than "make a Doom." So I did.

Not much special to see here, since the time limit crunched me pretty hard. I only spent maybe 5 minutes placing things in the map, so the gameplay is probably equivalent to two Hitlers on a scale from 1 to Double-Satan.


.crustacean canyon.

don't be so shellfish

Tiny base-in-a-hillside map done for a Battle of the Bits one-hour speedmapping thingy. I had a very specific idea in mind for this one, but physically ran out of time when trying to throw it all together. Doublewelp. Ended up taking first anyway, since other folks were hit by the time limits pretty hard too. We miss you, Minigunner. :<

This version actually contains some minor post-fixes (texturing mainly) and one major one: the original version allowed you to step up the slimefall ledge and walk straight through the windows to the exit hallway. Not posting that old version, but if you're really looking for nostalgia, just press "jump." It'll be just as silly.


.precursor consortium.

where did they go? why did they build this crap?

Fairly standard-ish arena thingy built to fit the theme "Episode 4". Bit of a stretch from it, but I do like where it's headed and technically it -is- destined for E4 of something mysterious...

Interestingly enough, it's -almost- vanilla compatible. Convenient, since I plan on doing something very sneaky with it, as hinted above.

Also, it's got floaty island-ness, which is always a winner.


.matryoshka citadel.

every theme ever made ever

Crazy-arse hellfort for Abyssal Speedmapping Session #4. This time around we had the choice of three themes: "Abbatoir," "Downtown," and "Fortress Ruins." So I picked "yes."

Probably my most well-developed speedmap, although it still has some roughness in the gameplay department undoubtedly. At least the crusher setup is fun as hell regardless of sanity. Perhaps.


.absolutely nothing.

i skipped this number for some reason

...Yeah. Not sure how that happened.


.archtrees and everlasting towers.

seath is a little bitch

Crazy-arse circular tower bridgemap thingamajig. I went way overtime on this, but still churned out something that looks interesting if nothing else. Gameplay's a grabbag, what with you having to run like a crazy person else you'll get devoured. Cheat to taste.

As the name suggests, the theme is extra-vaguely Dark Souls inspired. The idea of "really tall things in the distance you can't make out" (a la Ash Lake) provided the inspiration for the background, even though in practice it doesn't quite meet up. But hey, it's a speedmap! I'm sure that makes anything excusable!


it's what we do

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