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.space deathmatch 5.

jane, help, stop this crazy thing

The Jetsons have done it again! The 5th installment in the Space Deathmatch series, SpaceDM5, is an epic odyssey through space and time (though mostly space) where you can make all new space friends and kill them in the fields of space battle! What a time to be alive!

For some reason I have a couple of maps in this. Guess I couldn't resist adding to that crazy skyfloor instadeathness, which I do love so very much with no sarcasm intended.

Well, maybe a little.



.planet xerox: xerox edition.

get off my planet

A modification of a voidy Esselmap that predates my membership in Jetsons. Various IRC shenanigans (which may or may not have involved photocopies of certain body parts) led to me adopting "Xerox" as an alt nick, so I figured it was appropriate to give my own spin to the map that just so happened to share my "name." Rather silly in retrospect, I suppose, but that nutty catwalk and the new platforms do change the gameplay enough that its presence is justified. Sorta.

The real highlight of the map is a certain hidden trigger that transforms the night into THRILLER NIGHT. The best part is that nobody (not even poor Essel) knew of the egg when I snuck it in, up until the day of SpaceDM5's release party when I (using the name "Xerox" on Skulltag) triggered it while shouting "GET OFF MY PLANET." Still my proudest Doom accomplishment, for reals.


.angsty water map ;_;.

a memoir of h2o's rebellious teen years

This map is what happens when you accidentally cut a slice of water and suspend it in space. That floaty water "cube" was a ridiculous idea I harbored for a while and just had to get out.

The switches that change the "polarity" of space (i.e. whether or not you infinite-loop-fall or die horribly upon hitting the lower ground) was a late addition, but it's probably the best feature of the map, as it's hilarious to turn it off while folks are falling and send them all crashing to their deaths. So yeah, dumb map, but fun at space parties.


.spayss duhl.

bye an profeshinul doulm levul deziner

Based on "Space Duel" by Xaver (not Xaser). When I saw his username, I knew I had to Xeroxify his map. I did it and accidentally produced the best map ever made. Have fun, gents!


.road construction on the
ol' space highway.

better than being stuck in a space traffic jam

My one serious entry to SpaceDM5. Naturally, it's the one that's been played the least. In fact, I'm not sure if I've ever actually played it myself. Welp.


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