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the upward spiral

Plutonia lives! Again!

This megawad, led by the fabulous Joshy, is a cool classic revisit to good ol' Plutonia that's (in my somewhat-biased opinion) a worthy followup. In contrast to Plutonia 2, PRCP focuses a bit more on staying true the original themes and level designs... except of course for the submissions done by a certain rulebreaker whose totally-real name starts with 'X'...

...Welp. That's me.

.the xasermaps.



round and round and up we go now

Exceptionally-bizarre Neurosphere-inspired corkscrew adventure. Features loads of non-damaging blood, terracotta terror, and psychotic spiraling skyscrapers of hellishness. Fun for the whole family!

This one's got some cool historical significance since it's basically the first actually "good" map of mine and also my first real venture into vanilla mapping. No idea how I managed to pull that off, since I had no idea what I was doing at the time, but suffice to say there's a lot of duct tape and bubble gum holding it together. Probably. I'm too scared to go back and check.

Super-huge thanks to Joshy for letting me sneak this nutter into the project even though it arbitrarily took me a year to finish. I just regret the fact that I made the player traverse the bridge in the first screenshot -backwards-, meaning you never actually get that grand view of the main structure unless you illogically turn around. Should've made that the main approach to the structure... I might just have to rectify that in a future totally-secret remake that I may or may not be hinting at right now.



.wicked garden.

yes i can see just like a child, stop asking

After spending close to a year (of on-and-off time, of course... I think) developing Helix, I snuck in this quicky couple-of-week 2nd map to the project when it was announced that some slots were still available. Naturally, the one with less time put into it turned out to be the better map. Son of a foot.

As for the map itself, it's a devilish jaunt through a dilapidated garden and its surroundings (including obligatory blood sewers and weirdo ruins). In stark contrast to Helix's "GRAAUGH, MONSTERS!" streak, the fundamental premise here is that the map had to have less than 100 monsters, so I put in exactly 99 on UV. Go me.

The ending bit was a bit of a spur-of-the-moment thing, and I can't quite remember why I even did it aside from realizing I put a big demon teleporter in the middle of the ruin thing without actually having a purpose for it. I feel like the moral of this story is "Don't think, don't plan, just map." I'm sure nothing could possibly go wrong with that.


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