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Perhaps my most controversial release, the Lost Episode is a ZEternity-compatible "neo-classic" "5th episode" for Doom One that features plenty of impossible architecture, interdimensional travel, and extraneous quotation marks.

Originally a personal project that got out of hand, LE is a conglomeration of Alpha and PSX maps compiled and Xasered past the point of recognizability for the purpose of bringing them to the PC in a convenient package. Certainly worth a play from those who like classic, straightforward gameplay, but those who are put off by the odd architecture are encouraged to at least play beyond the first room. Or at least warp to E5M4. :P



.logos anomaly.

welcome to the skyfloor void

"Launched gzdoom, saw the first room, quit. 0/5" -- Anonymous /idgames reviewer.

That said, this map's basically the perfect opener for the set: It's loosely based on -something- id-official (E1M1 from the Doom 0.5 Alpha), but Xasified to the point of utterly bizarre unrecognition. Which is totally cool if you're into that sort of thing.

The map itself can be beaten in just a few seconds, but there's a metric butt-ton of secrets to find and a couple of different ways to actually progress through the level. Recommend for those with an exploratory fetish.


.the infernal palace.

indiana jones not included

A not-quite-straight port of Jaguar Doom's version of Hell Keep, this is a relic from a time when I still thought "Make it more id-like" meant "push a bunch of vertices around until things aren't orthogonal any more." Still, the opening shot is cool in retrospect, so there's that.

The best part's probably the rockin' Bobby Prince track from Xenophage. It's remarkable how well that particular MID fits Doom. Totally no bias from me, of course.


.ominous lair.

totally not spawning vats in disguise

A really odd affair that spawned (heh) when I realized how incredibly different Jaguar/PSX's version of Spawning Vats is. I took Kaiser's port from Consoledoom and went to town, adding a bunch of new junk and wonking up the progression quite heavily. Still suffers a bit from E2M7-ish backtrackisms (that's a word now), but it's maybe-playable.

Thanks to Wills for some sneaky guest mapping on this. You can blame him for the rocket launcher area. It's still my fault for adding the totally-not-obvious teleport trap, but you can blame him anyway.


.caroll st. station.

you're wormfood, dude

Not-so devoid of levelness any more. Can't say the same about enemies though... at first. This one's probably love-hate, but it's the most extensively overhauled map in the set so I'm kinda attached to it as a result. Oh no BIAS

Also, it has upside-down trains. What more could you want?


.the mansion.

the williams teleport maze extravaganza

Basically a straight port of the PSX map (thanks Kaiser) without much done to it. Always was fond of this map alongside the other PSX-exclusives, hence the whole inspiration behind the set. Not much more to say about the map other than that, though; it's The Mansion. Go play it.


.twilight descends.

so... is it getting darker or lighter?

Another straight PSX port and probably the one map that's most responsible for me starting this thing in the first place. Not too terribly different from the original, though I did add a few extra traps and darkened the outdoor areas a bit since it made little sense to not actually have twilight descending. Always did bug me how bright the original was. Though see the subtitle. :P


.threshold of pain.

mine's 6, what's yours?

The second PSX-exclusive map, detailed up and voidified a bit. It's not too terribly different from the original other than visuals, except for the final room. Decided to take the "pain" part of the map's title too literally, in more ways that one. Ouch.


.redemption denied.

your passport was rejected

Though this map has its roots in the PSX map of the same name, it's been so extensively overhauled that it really can't be considered the same map at all. The main fight is different, there's a totally-original boss monster (insert eyeroll here), and the whole thing is a lot more dynamic in an interesting manner. So, whoop!

I've heard folks complain about this map being supposedly unbeatable for not having an exit, so for the confused, what you do is collect 3 skull keys in the corner areas and kill the John Romerospiderdemon that spawns in the center to win the game. Older versions had a bug preventing the spawn, but it ought to all be fixed now mayhaps.


.the marshes.

home of the world's best crusher trap

The Classic PSX Deathmatch Crusher Extravaganza Supreme. Now with 100% more cyberdemon and infinity% more blood!


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