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This ambitious sonofagun is a valiant attempt at emulating the original id authors' styles to the extreme. Originally Hellbent's brainchild, the driving question for this project was "what if the id guys had made a 10th map for each episode?" This 3-episode set (with a bonus "lost episodes" pack of revamped rejects) strives to answer that question repeatedly. Fun stuff, despite the fact that it makes all us contributors look like the geekiest old fogies on the planet.

I did a couple of maps and ended up chipping in on wad compilation when the cast of leaders shifted over a bit when Hellbent got busy. I also ended up leading the aforementioned "lost episodes" bit (given that I apparently have a thing for projects with that title), so there's that too. I've lumped Xaser-submissions and edits from both projects onto the same page here, which I'm sure is totally not confusing at all. It's the little things.

.things xaser touched.


.receiving station.

welcome to super-hell

My one super-proper DTWID submission, this one's based on one of Romero's "10th map" concepts: originally "UAC Recieving," the map was described by Romero as "where all the new troops are brought after they arrive on Deimos." Not a particularly restrictive theme, but it happened to be close enough to my own take on "E1M1 meets E2M1" (as the map was sorta originally conceived) that I had to claim the name. A few fireplace teleporters and scrolling computers later, and bam! TWIDness.

The original version of the map was textured all in STONE2 and bore a bit -too- much likeness to Deimos Anomaly, so the DTWID version received a fresh coat of vine-y paint (although the old version of the map nefariously still exists in a certain other project). Super-huge thanks for the feedback on this one from folks, since the old version was a bit too homagey to really work.

As a final fun fact, this map actually plays super-well in non-serious deathmatch. Nothing quite like berserk-punching six or seven people in a row to brighten one's day. O:


.filtration compound.

wouldn't let me name it "filtration station"

My collab with Essel, this sprawling Sandybeast of a map plays a bit less "TWIDdy" than the others, but it's still a fun rompthrough. Most of the work (2/3ish) is his, though I filled in a few portions like the plasma/rocket room and the blood-bridge oval area near the exit vine-window.

Ultimately, this is the map that ended up replacing 40oz's "Cooling Towers" shoo-in when it was pulled from the set (though it later resurfaced in DTWID-LE, much to the delight of the masses; it kicks ass), and while those were hard shoes to fill, I feel we did a decent job. If nothing else, I'm proud of the "rocket or plasma?" setup, since it hits the sweet "TWIDspot" of a construct that feels suitably id-like in its deviousness despite not being something that existed in any form in any of the IWAD maps. Tough mark to hit, that.

Also, this is the map where we totally broke a core rule of the set through a goofy technicality: technically speaking, this map uses a new texture (BROWN2, that orangey-brown texture that dominates most of the map), but it simply uses patches from the existing BROWN1 so we didn't actually import any new graphics into dtwid.wad. We just sorta hoped nobody would red-flag it until it got through, and it seems to have passed whatever sort of inspection would normally cause folks to go "wat." How bastardly.


.darkside lab.

it's not the eastside or the westside lab

Sneaky extra map for DTWID-LE v1.1. We originally had a duplicate map (NaturalTvventy's "Enigma", a.k.a. E1M8 from NEIS) in this slot, which just didn't sit right. A couple of nights of totally-not-drug-induced insanity later, and this nefarious experimental chamber resulted. Play it, for science!


.the gate.

to hell, of course

A late E2 bossmap submission by Marnetmar (not to be confused with Marcaek). Though I loved the idea of "broken tech ruins surrounding a gateway device", the implementation was flawed as there were simply too many lines onscreen for vanilla Doom to handle. I was able to rearrange some parts to de-clutter the area and bring it within limits without breaking the general idea, so the perilous portal lives again. Word.



fleshypart factory

Originally by Marcaek (not to be confused with Marnetmar), this guy was a rather cramped DTWID E3M2 "hell factory" submission that I blew up to 150% size and tinkered around with a bit. After smoothing out a few rough edges, it turned into a snazzy little Petersen-y romp, and Marc himself has voiced his approval of the edits so it's semi-sorta-canon-maybe. At least in the LE world.




Creepy Sandyscape on the outskirts of Hell. This oddball submission by XenoNemesis wasn't quite finished upon submission, so I did end up adding a few parts and smoothing over the existing areas to give it a bit more Doomy flair. Those teleport paths gave it an odd touch that works for it, I say. Worth a playthrough for evil and profit.


.sheol's descent.

a deep red makeover

Originally by General Rainbow Bacon (formerly Doomhero85), this is a map based on another Romero name, originally given the description "Just a pure hellish experience." An apt title, given its dark winding corridors, intertwining layout, and Limbo-y teleport towers.

The original version of the map had a lot of cool ideas but iffy execution in a few places, so I got to hacking for the LE release. After sprucing up some visuals and replacing the ridiculous maze thing in the NE of the map, the end result is something that hopefully lives up to Romero's vision. Not bad at all, sir Bacon man. ;)


.weeping hollow.

the stitched homunculus

A new addition to v1.1 of DTWID-LE, this secret "bonus map" is actually a hybrid of two unfinished submissions: an unnamed contribution by Alfonzo (the western interior portion) and Marnetmar's "Forest of Nede," which was redone as the titular "hollow" on the NE portion of the map. Certainly a unique and strange adventure with plenty of cool parts to behold including an exceptionally evil Cyberdemon scene.

This map embodies what I love most about LE: it's the "take this alpha-quality stuff and make it awesome" mentality to the max, and I'm proud of the end result, especially given its mixed heritage. Not a bad way to close out the secret slot of the episode, too. Biasedly, of course.


.demonic halls.

hella halls of hell

Another ghost-collab, this submission by C30n9 was missing a bit of [insert French phrase here], so I wonked it up by adding a zillion staircases and crushers. Super-thanks to Alfonzo as well, who hacked in the secret exit during an unfortunate stage of "oh geeze is Xaser going to ever actually DO anything for this project?"

The answer is "hellnope", of course.


.babel's gate.

now with 100% more gate

One last pseudo-twid tweak-up, this one's primarily a map by Matt534Dog, edited a bit for visuals. Now it's got a nice "evil blood city" thing going on, because "nice" is an exceptionally fitting word to place next to "evil blood city." I'm sane.



as opposed to starstarboard

Alternative E1M1 by Marnetmar (not to be... okay, you get the point) and post-edited by me. To be frank, I can't even remember what I did with this one at this point, but it had both our names in the author list so I guess I'm listing it here for completion's sake despite the fact that the map's probably 90% his. What a jerk, that Xaser person.


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