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it keeps happening

Every good spin deserves a cliche, as the 'nother goes. Or something.

I was a bit less involved with this one than the first, since there were a lot of super-enthusiastic dudes (essel n' fonzo in particular) running the show this time around. I still ended up making a couple of maps, though, and there just might be a Lost Episode in the works as well. Stay tuned...




the jumpchasm

A.k.a. The Sandy Peterfalls. Which is a name I just made up just now.

Development of D2TWID had an increased focus on emulating authors' styles this time around rather than just sticking to an episode theme (which is understandable given how style-mix-y Doom 2 is), so I sought out to figure out how exactly to add a bunch of towers to a Sandy map. Abyss is the result, for better or worse, with tons of jumping and darkness and glowing things and fun sequence breaks. I'm still dubious about its overall id-ness; IMO it's probably the odd man out of the whole set, but they let it in anyway so I suppose that semi-counts.

I still refuse to apologize for the 7+ minute par time while simultaneously claiming innocence as I never tried to speedrun it. I am a handwave-y bastarg.


.the secret maps.

don't tell anyone

D2TWID's secret maps, which I won't spoil beyond the teaser screenshots. Play 'em! They're quite keen.

Megaprops to Megalyth for collabing on MAP31 and actually finishing it when I nearly died that one time (except not really; I was just lazy).



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