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I've gotten into the habit of contributing random snippets of mappage to various community projects, so for the sake of not "polluting" the project page with a whole bunch of things I didn't start, I'll consolidate the one-offs here for fun n' profit.

I claim no responsibility for the content of the rest of these wads, though, so they may be brilliant or they may suck. Then again, the same goes for my own maps, so I hereby declare myself not responsible for them, either.

I claim no responsibility for anything ever, basically.


doom 2 in name only MAP31


original map title; do not steal

Where do nazis go when they die? Hell of, course. What happens when they get there? Satan gives them a friggin' castle. How lovely.

Made for the "Doom 2 in Name Only" project, whose premise is to create maps that fit the titles of Doom 2's original level names, this one's my attempt at a "proper" Castle Wolfenstein for MAP31. The end result is a massive stone fortress complete with high walls, dungeons, and even a friggin' throne room. Though it's primarily populated by demons (or "former nazis," if you will), there's a certain surprise from a familiar foe at the end.

Spoiler: it's Hitler. I'm talking about Hitler.

The music's an original composition by sir Jimmy, who did a fantastic job as always. Youdabes!

On a completely-unrelated-to-everything note, I was blasting Tenacious D almost the entire time while making this, so I can barely look at the map without immediately blasting "DEATH STAR it's a FUCKIN' SHIP" in my head. It's a son of a bitch, y'all.

(And we're building it.)


.anachronistic metropolis.

cross 'fantasy skyscrapers' off the bucket list

Oddball Heretic map made for HYMN, a (rather good IMO) Heretic community episode. The driving idea behind the map, as the title suggests, was "illogically create a modern city map using Heretic textures." In that alone, I suppose it's a success, but I'm certainly proud of the result anyway given how spur-of-the-moment its inception was. Just don't balk at the step-slopes on the cathedral roof, else I'll have to cut you with a spoon.

The gameplay style can be best described as... "chaotic." It's certainly far from a traditional slaughtermap, with much less emphasis on crowd control and more on running around like a decapitated chicken (or a literal one if you're playing co-op and your Ovum-posessing partner is feeling rather dickish), but it certainly throws a helluva lot of monsters at you at once. I almost want to coin "chaosmap" as its own gameplay style... but regardless of naming convention, if you're not rushing into the midst and instead trying to play 'cautiously' by sniping enemies through the front gate, you're doing it wrong. :P

Also, I've been told the map looks like a farmyard what with all the wood and all. That should totally be the theme of a speedmapping session at some point: "farm city." 52-story barns, anyone?


.scalpel tart.

dericious and newtricious

Exceptionally-bizarre thingazoid made for pcorf's second community project. The theme was "2048x2048" (i.e. all playable space in an area of that size, for the layperson), so I squished together a bunch of Sharp Things(tm) into a small space and called it a day.

This map's notable not only for the crazy(-awesome) music by zan-zan-zawa-veia, but also for the fact that it's yet another example of me sneaking in custom textures and asking for permission afterward. Apparently that's an official Xaserthing.


.continuum of discord.

brought to you by the inky void corporation

Though I tend to make weird maps, this one's the peak of the strange. The king of the nuthouse. The cherry on the crazy cake. Or something equally nonsensical. At any rate, it's set in a void and has floaty windows and Earthbound music. What's not to love?

In spite of all its oddness, perhaps the most interesting part of the map is its history. It was originally designed as a Ghouls vs. Humans map (sporting the title "Continuum of Silence" at the time), but it didn't play particularly well because it was too large for Ghouls to survive more than three seconds. It was later name-changed and revamped with a couple of cool new side areas for ZDoom Wars, but it ended up being too small that time. It wasn't until Reelism came about that I finally discovered a proper home for it where the size is "just right," if I may say so.

Just try your best not to roll a triple-9 unless you're immune to nightmares.

zpack E3M0


10,000,000 lines of manual script tagging

Oh dear. This map. You'll know it if you've played it. If you haven't played it, then do it or go home a pansy.

Though the screenshots here don't show it, the gimmick of the map becomes obvious one you boot it up: it starts as a single blank, square room, and things "construct" themselves as you walk around. I'm sure one could come up with some sort of claim that it's an allegory for the mapping process itself, but in fairness I only did it because I thought it would be cool. I probably wouldn't have if I realized how long it would take to produce all those gorram scripts. D:

I've half a mind to do what Vader did and release this standalone someday, but I'd need to finish the prequel "intro map" for it first and figure out some way not to make the gameplay shite -- which it is. Just as a fair warning.

By the way, the map totally has a story, if you're nutty enough to make the leap of faith required to find it.


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