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This legendary super-series of multiplayer projects ought not need introduction. As a lowly Xaserkind in the world of DM, I'm super-honored to have been able to contribute to these, even if the results aren't always kosher. Or edible. But hey, they're Xasermaps! What could possibly go wrong?

The correct answer to that is "Everything at once," by the way.


32in24-06 MAP14

.serenity now, insanity later.

why can't you be more like lloyd braun?

Bizarro map featuring ludicrous tangerine skyfloors and eighty six different themes. It predates most of my other mapping efforts, so I like to give props credit to Shai and the 32in24-6 crew for helping kick off my mapping "career" with this guy. So yeah, "f1r5t m4p!", sorta. That probably shows.

An interesting one to take a look at, perhaps, but I must shamefully admit that I've never actually played this map online. For all I know, the gameplay could be double-Hitler-balls level of bad. Just a fair warning.

32in24-07 MAP11

.dastardly dick's dizzy discus.

and his devilish disco dance of doom

Funky space station CTF map, layoutified by me and detailed by stewboy/42. My one condition with this one was "keep the skyfloors," and stew did a mighty fine job at turning it into something cool looking and somewhat theme-fitting. Props!

Gameplaywise, it's... actually, I dunno. Never had a proper match in it, though I suppose those flag shortcuts are rather gameplay murderous. Also, I'll never forgive myself for getting Dick Dastardly's name backwards. I'm blaming Dick for both mistakes anyway.

32in24-08 MAP33

.deimos monopoly.

the community chest foreclosed on my beef jerky

This is what happens when you take Deimos Anomaly, run it through a meat grinder, and slap an obscene amount of BORED GAME references all over the place and then submit it three days late. How very considerate of me.

32in24-11 MAP11

.rotary supercollider.

like a record, baby

Crazy DM map with lots o' stairs, named after a certain xkcd comic for good measure. Also Dead or Alive. You know you want to play this, now.

Unlike other Xaserdeathmatch efforts, this one's actually been played and tested thanks to -11's awesome two-day format and Odamex Nitro. As such, it's decently fun, though those stairs ended up being a bit on the narrow side. Hence, collisions! Totally called it with the name, seems.

In the end, the real ball-kicker to this map is I spent ages detailing the outer edges of the tower, despite the fact that the player can't actually reach these areas. I sure am good at time management.

32in24-12 MAP30

.kingdom of naughty aeronautics.

why -wouldn't- we build castles in the sky?

In a probably-not-all-that-surprising twist, the Xaserperson decided to crank the nonsense meter up to 11 with the theme: airships with castles built on them. Seriously.

Unfortunately, since all the effort went into trying to make the bizarro-random theme come to life, the gameplay got backseated and is rather "meh" in retrospect, with yet more narrow staircase "jousting" as players crash into each other on the way to the flag. Oups.

Still, who wouldn't want to throw a party in a friggin' sky chateau? Don't answer that.

32in24-12 MAP31

.wtf ctf.

omg tla

My slightly-less-unfortunate entry to -12, WTF CTF was a dumb idea that accidentally got made due to boredom and/or caffeine. The entire map was built around the idea of having the two flag rooms right next to each other with a window between, for maximum stupid chaos as players endlessly shoot each other from spawn. Bonza!

Does it work in practice? Hell if I know. IDL won't ever touch the map with a ten-thousand-foot pole, but a couple of nutters might just find it fun anyway.

32in24-13 MAP01



My deathmatch magnum-opus-so-far featuring the tragic tale of floorburgers set in a Greenwar-ish curvy layout. Rather pleased with how this one turned out (and psyched about the MAP01 slot!), so hopefully it's consumable if not gourmet. Insert other food-related puns here.

32in24-14 MAP27

.no festivus for the living.

it's a single-player miracle!

What is this, a mis-filed single-player entry? Sort of -- Shai surprised us by announcing a single-player 32in24 for our magical 14th session, and since the theme was "do some holiday shiz," I naturally had to pay tribute to the best holiday of 'em all. It's got it all: the Festivus pole, the airing of grievances, the feats of strength, and 1,000,000 monsters to blow up with rockets for your Festivus dinner shenanigans. Recommended for folks who want to make a lot of stuff go boom-boom.

Superthanks to dew for testing a janky early version of this map and managing to not have an aneurysm.


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