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the game where you shoot things to make them die


ludicrous constructions of an angry scientist

Sometimes I make maps. These maps sometimes go into projects, and I may or may not have made a list of these projects (and other such random groupings) below. It's hard to tell.


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.solo maps.

the wandering vagabonds

.plutonia revisited.

dario and milo live on in spirit

.doom the way id did.

a nostalgic emulation venture

.doom2 the way id did.

the inevitable sequel project

.lost episode.

surreal "5th episode" for doom one

.zdoom cmp 2.

that's "community map project", yo

.zen dynamics.

that one zdoom partial conversion

.space deathmatch 5.

ludicrous multiplayer from the future


xaser does deathmatch


forcibly hastily thrown togetherness

.misc contribs.

random one-offs for nonxaser projects


it's what we do

.home. .doom.


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