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Schism - Chaos Road

.Schism Demo v1.0.

that's a link to a zip full of fun!

You heard what the text-to-speech guy read. The demo release of Schism: Shattered Timescapes, a fun little platformer based on Cave Story, is up and ready for download. It features the first few boards of gameplay, some quirky characters, and totally nonsensically awesome random things caused by universal decay. Long story short, it's a standalone game-mod, in a zip, and it's free (virus-free too), so give it a whirl if you haven't already. ;)

More information coming soon, once the site develops. For now, here's a directory full of screenshots for the curious. Check 'em out!

Schism: Shattered Timescapes is based on Studio Pixel's excellent platformer Cave Story, which if you haven't played, you need to immediately. It is the most important decision you'll ever want to say 'yes' to. ;)

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