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i'm on modarchive!

I write module music for whatever reason, and have a rather large trove of stuff (>200 songs!) stored there. Though it's a massive dump, a few good picks are listed on the front page that can hopefully get one started. No proper album arrangements just yet, but they'll come. Perhaps.

Genre-wise, Xasertunes generally fall somewhere between Electronic and I-Have-No-Clue, so there's bound to be something you'll love and/or hate, depending on your relative definitions of the two words.

Though I now own a proper sequencer (Reason 5; out of date of course!) and have tinkered with it a bit, I've little to show on that regard hence the relative lack of info in this section. In case anything of note ever arrives, I'll be sure to put it here, but until then, grab XMPlay and give Atlas Rising and Nosotros a listen. You'll most likely not regret it! Maybe!

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