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this is the part where i rant



It's been a short while since I've touched the site, but I finally got around to cleaning up the HTML/CSS and making it a lot less of an ugly pain to work with. It actually looks and feels rather nice now, and the entire site isn't contained in a giant table any more. Whoop!

As a real prize, this update comes with a lot more actual content. The Doom pages are mostly functional now, with working links and only one empty page that I plan on filling up before long. Chances are, most of you who are reading this at such an early time are probably familiar with it, but I do thank you for stopping by regardless. ;)

I can't say for sure when I will finally take down the "under construction" sign, but at least this is one giant leap (for mankind?) closer to what it should be. Also, it's accidentally mobile-friendly. Who'd have thought?

Enjoy the site. For real, this time. ;)


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