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this is the part where i rant

Well, I finally did it.

Not achieved my goal of world domination, I mean. Still working on that, but I've achieved the next best thing: a total reconstruction of the Xasersite with actual dynamic content. While it may not totally imply a complete return to power just yet, it at least allows me to post actual blog updates and generate new content without doing awful things like editing raw HTML and uploading it via FTP. I'm not entirely sure how I managed to stay sane.

Ah, I remember now -- I avoided ever updating the site. That's it. Not that I managed to stay sane (or ever was) anyway, but that's a story for another era.

So, yep. This is apparently what happens when you lock a bored Xaser in a single room for several weeks, it seems. How terrifying.




It's been a short while since I've touched the site, but I finally got around to cleaning up the HTML/CSS and making it a lot less of an ugly pain to work with. It actually looks and feels rather nice now, and the entire site isn't contained in a giant table any more. Whoop!

As a real prize, this update comes with a lot more actual content. The Doom pages are mostly functional now, with working links and only one empty page that I plan on filling up before long. Chances are, most of you who are reading this at such an early time are probably familiar with it, but I do thank you for stopping by regardless. ;)

I can't say for sure when I will finally take down the "under construction" sign, but at least this is one giant leap (for mankind?) closer to what it should be. Also, it's accidentally mobile-friendly. Who'd have thought?

Enjoy the site. For real, this time. ;)




It's done. Site's up, finally. Maybe Q won't hunt me down in my sleep any more.

At any rate, this isn't exactly the proper Masters of Insanity homepage we've always envisioned -- still working on that. Once some actual webspace/domainness is secured, we'll have a whole portal to play with. As for now, this is where I (Xaser) will be making my temporary home of sorts, most likely with contributions from the whole crew from time to time. Still, it's good to rest one's feet somewhere. Feels like I've been e-drifting too long. Too many universes to explore...

But that's a story for another time. Back to the page... this guy's just a simple html-only job (done entirely by hand, for what it's worth) and doesn't have much to show for now, but I'm hoping to update it soon enough to get some more content n' things besides the usual "hey here's a link to click" garbage I usually pull. At the present, though, there's Schism and some Doom links and a few misc. random things for your browsing fantasies.

I can't quite say for sure whether this 'blog/news' page will pan out, but I'll do my best to keep it updated when I can. All manually, of course... *glee*

Until next time, happy travels.


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